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Sucrose octaacetate   
Product No.: ABT-N17
CAS No.: 126-14-7
Formula: C28H38O19                                            
Molecular weight: 678.59          
Appearance: a white or almost white crystalline powder 
Assay: ≥98%
Application: It can be used as a bitter additive, a denaturant for alcohol, a soaker for paper, as well as an insecticide, plasticizer for cellulosic&synthetic resin. It also can be used as an additive for paint and children's toys, etc. It can prevent mice or children from biting or tasting the goods because of its extreme bitter taste.
Storage: room temperature, tightly closed, protected from humidity.

Drum packing: Closed packing with moisture-proof plastic bag or aluminum foil bag inside, packing with carton outside.
Dimensions: 5kg drum: 30cm*30cm*30cm
                     25kg drum: 35cm*35cm*51cm

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